Night Doula

This time with your new baby is wonderful, but there may be times when you feel exhausted and just need someone to help you at night to enable you to catch up on some valuable sleep.  It may just be a couple of nights to give you that support and to help get your energy levels back.

How it works

Often new babies decide that it is at night that they don’t want to settle and sleep after their feed, and yet during the day they settle like a dream and sleep.  It can take a while for babies to adjust to the new pattern of day and night. 

As a Night Doula I would arrive at your home at around 9.00pm ready for the evening feed.  You may have decided to express some milk if you are breastfeeding so that you can sleep for longer.  If not I would bring your baby to you at night to feed and then take them after the feed and settle them.

In the morning I would leave between 7.00-9.00am depending on what works for you.

It is difficult to plan if you will need a Night Doula and therefore it is often a last minute request.  Contact me and I will help if I can.


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