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Batch cooking for your freezer in The Whole Birth Kitchen

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The first few weeks after your baby is born are wonderful but also busy.  Getting used to life as parents, visitors arriving to see your new baby, maybe looking after other children and then, of course, lack of sleep can make food the last thing on your list of priorities.

To have a freezer filled with delicious and nutritious home cooked ready made meals created in The Whole Birth kitchen could be the answer for you to help you through this first stage.

Food can be made up into whatever portions you prefer depending on your plans and of course the selection also includes the famous Whole Birth Flapjacks and Brownies.

Depending on your location food is personally delivered before or after your baby is born and an empty freezer is essential.

Our dishes include meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and most allergies can be catered for. Please notify The Whole Birth Company of any special dietary requirements or allergies prior to ordering.

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