Whole Birth Wardrobe

Styling your wardrobe for pregnancy and a bit beyond

Whole Birth Wardrobe

Styling your wardrobe for pregnancy and a bit beyond

Your Pregnancy and a Bit Beyond Wardrobe

As your pregnancy progresses it can be challenging to manage your wardrobe, particularly if it is important in you career or life to look your best. 

Your body shape will be changing every day and something that fitted you last week may not only feel tight and uncomfortable this week, but also not look it’s best. There is no reason why you shouldn’t look and feel amazing throughout your pregnancy.

You may have some important events in the future and before your baby is born and you may be wondering what you can wear, or you may be finding the daily question of “what on earth can I wear today?” an increasing frustration.

As a fashion designer I worked with private clients and some of whom were pregnant.  Putting a capsule wardrobe together for them using items from their existing wardrobe and suggest adding new items that would work for them through their pregnancy and the first few months after they had their baby.

This included for work, social and home life. I also designed two maternity wear collections a year alongside my private client collections.

I offer a one day consultation where I would come to you. I would spend time going through your wardrobe with you, discussing what could work at the different stages of your pregnancy with the addition of a few key items from maternity wear companies, as well as building a wardrobe for your complete pregnancy period, and the first few months after your baby is born.

I can also design and give suggestions for specific items for you.

Please contact me if you would like more information and to find out if this is possible in your location.  I do travel quite a distance to offer this service.

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