Virtual Doula

Due to the COVID-19 crisis Doula support has had to go almost completely virtual via Zoom, Facetime and other video link platforms.  This has been a different way of working but it has meant that Doulas have had to get good at working in this way.

How it works

With no restrictions on travel times and distance, it has meant that many more people can access the support of a Doula that might not have been able to before.  You can even be in another county.

Birth Preparation, Hypnobirthing workshops as well as Doula Support throughout your pregnancy, birth and the weeks following birth can all be done online via a video link platform and, of course, also by email and phone.

It is not the same as a face to face relationship with your Doula, but it can be so reassuring to know that there is always someone you can contact throughout this period. This service is developing and getting better and better all the time as technology improves.

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