What is Hypnobirthing?

It has been used for many years to help access the subconscious and change positively a person’s emotions, fears, beliefs and anxieties to name a few.

In order to have success in hypnosis, a person must first be deeply relaxed.  It is this relaxation and the ability to calm yourself that is one part of Hypnobirthing that is so beneficial in childbirth.

When we are relaxed and calm, we are not releasing the hormone adrenalin which, although is important in some parts of labour, it creates  many other issues in childbirth if it is produced at the wrong time.  It is also often related to a long and stop/start labour and the possible use of intervention.

Keeping calm has huge benefits to for you and your baby…….When we are deeply relaxed, the important hormones oxytocin and beta-endorphins can flow freely.  These hormones are key to helping to manage the intensity of the sensations as well as supporting the progression of labour and birth.

Here are just some of the benefits Hypnobirthing can bring:

  • It promotes a physiological birth but supports any birth
  • The length of labour can be reduced
  • The anxiety around birth can be reduced
  • It can help you feel in control and able to use your instincts
  • It provides a greater understanding of birth for your partner and how they can support you
  • It helps you work with the contractions rather than suffer from them
  • It reduces the C section rate
  • There may be less need for pharmacological pain relief
  • There tends to be reduced medical intervention
  • It helps to give a positive experience of labour and birth
  • It promotes a calmer baby and birth

Hypnobirthing Classes

In the classes I give you the tools and techniques to help you with managing your labour and birth as well as preparing you for challenging situations should they occur. You will learn the benefits of working together with your partner through your pregnancy to prepare you both for the birth of your baby.

Hypnobirthing can support you and your partner however you birth your baby and whether your plans end up changing antenatally, or during your labour. A positive experience and to feel that you were the one making the decisions, whenever possible, and in control of your birth is so important.

Hypnobirthing is not just beneficial in pregnancy and childbirth though – it is a tool that can be used throughout your life to enable you to deeply relax, feel calm and cope with challenging situations.  

My practice

I trained with The Mama Serene Independant Practitioners Training Pregramme,where practitioners are able to write their own course and not be tied to a specific structure. It is my voice that you will hear on the hypnosis scripts, which I feel is important as it is a voice that after the course feels familiar to you. I teach private 1:1 courses with your partner so that I can truly tailor the course specifically to you. I work with you and your concerns and concentrate on those areas that are important to you in your pregnancy and preparation for birth.

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