What is a Doula?

Doulas are trained to provide one-to-one care, and will always be there for women and their partners for information, physical and emotional support and nurturing during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

A Doula will always support you no matter what decisions you make or how you decide to give birth and is non-judgemental.  Doulas recognises birth as a key life experience that will always be remembered and through nurture protect this memory.

Partners can provide an irreplaceable source of emotional, physical and practical support during pregnancy, labour and birth, the postnatal period and onwards…. Their amazing support contributes enormously to a more positive experience for both the mother and the family as a whole.

Partners are the best advocate for the birthing mother.  A Doula will always support and guide the partner in communicating with health professionals where necessary and of course will also advocate for them both if this is what feels right for the couple.

What a doula will do:

  • A Doula will always be by your side throughout your labour and birth
  • Educate you and your partner in the physiology of birth and make sure you are well prepared for the birth
  • Offer you evidence based information and education so that you have the confidence to make your own informed choices about pregnancy, birth , feeding, sleep, physical recovery from birth and early parenting skills that are right for you
  • Protect your birth space and make sure you have a supportive environment around you for birth that feels safe
  • Support your partner and help them best support you
  • Facilitate communication between you, your partner and the medical team making sure that you are listened to, you are given the correct information to make decisions and you feel in control of your own birth
  • Bring a continuous kind and gentle presence. Reassurance, encouragement, company and a caring attitude to you and your partner
  • Signpost you when needed to the appropriate support
  • Help you with the adjustment within the family of a new baby
  • Support you to find your own way of doing things
  • Be there for you 100%

What a Doula won’t do:

  • Will not perform any medical procedures
  • Will not diagnose any conditions
  • Does not replace your midwife
  • Will not make recommendations or decisions for you but will find you the relevant information to empower you to make your own informed decisions
  • Will never replace your birth partner but supports you both
  • Will not limit the amount of hours she is with you during your labour
  • Will never judge you

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