Journey to Pregnancy

Are you considering pregnancy, going through or about to go through IVF treatment or are having a long journey to pregnancy?

Journey to Pregnancy

Emotional one to one support

Do you feel some additional informative and emotional 1:1 support would really help you and or your partner?

Having someone you get to know over time and is there for you to discuss anything about your treatment or your situation can feel incredibly reassuring.    This time can be extremely challenging and intense both emotionally and physically. Emotional support from the right person helps manage and process these feelings and in turn can positively impact outcomes.

Fiona helping a couple online with Journey to Pregnancy
Three step rewind with Fiona Gordon

Trauma Resolution

3 Step Rewind

Have you suffered trauma or have negative memories relating to a previous birth or experience that are causing difficult emotions and anxiety?

Are you wanting to move forward using a process that will help you shift the memory and emotions that it is triggering?

The 3 step rewind trauma resolution technique is a non-intrusive way of reprocessing what occurred using relaxation and visualisation. Reclaim your sense of control of the traumatic memories, rewire the brain’s response and reduce the negative emotional reactions that are related to this memory.

Contact me to arrange your three, 1 hour one-to-one sessions.

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