How I work

I offer personalised, one-on-one doula support, both virtually and in person. I believe in tailoring my services to your unique needs, creating a calm and safe space for your birthing journey. While I'm not medically trained, my extensive experience complements the role of your midwife, and I work alongside them. My focus is on emotional and informational support, empowering you to make informed decisions without judgment. Building a strong birth team is key, and I'll work alongside you and your partner to ensure a positive, confident experience.
Fiona Gordon holds a small baby

A tailored approach

Having lived abroad myself, I understand the unique challenges of navigating pregnancy and birth in a new country, with unfamiliar customs and language barriers. This experience allows me to deeply connect with clients who find themselves far from their support system.

Whether it’s birth trauma, past experiences, or Tokophobia (fear of childbirth), I can offer a wealth of tools and techniques to manage anxieties and triggers. I’ll guide you through my “Trauma Resolution” for emotional processing, and emphasise the importance of feeling prepared and in control. Remember, your birth is your journey. I’ll advocate for your birth rights, ensuring informed consent for every procedure. The feeling of dread and fear is valid – I’m here to listen, reassure, and be your unwavering support system throughout your birthing journey.

Fiona Gordon as doula supports parents to be
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Wonderful and Lifechanging

Many of my clients are accomplished women who find themselves navigating motherhood as well as a career. They appreciate the support of someone with experience, especially as pregnancy and new parenthood can feel unpredictable after years of being in control of a life without little ones. I understand the potential for feelings of identity loss and a dip in confidence. While I can’t control the unforeseen, I can offer unwavering support and understanding as you manage these emotions.

Trust, privacy and integrity

Respect for privacy and confidentiality is paramount to me. Having lived a private life myself, particularly during my husband’s demanding career, I deeply understand the need for a safe space to share anxieties. This is always discussed at our first meeting and outlined in my contract, ensuring you feel completely comfortable and supported throughout your journey.

Your advocate

Your wishes and feeling safe are my top priority. If a situation arises where you would like me to advocate for you both I will, and I’ll do so with sensitivity and respect, ensuring the birthing environment remains calm and positive.

Trust your instincts

Many women intuitively know the power of their bodies during labour. I help empower you to trust your instincts and utilise breathing techniques to manage the intensity of surges. Our aim is to minimise unnecessary interventions. By working together, you can experience feeling more in control and have a more manageable labour using your body’s natural pain relief (beta-endorphins). We can seamlessly transition when it’s time for the next step, whether its welcoming the midwives to your home or heading to the hospital. Your comfort and positive birth experience are always my top priorities.

Lessons with Fiona Gordon
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Arriving home

The transition to new parenthood, or welcoming a new member of the family is a time of immense adjustment. My focus is on ensuring you feel relaxed, confident and secure in your own home. I’ll adapt to your schedule and the needs of your family, never imposing my own expectations. Think of me as a gentle, non-judgmental presence here to support your unique parenting journey. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach – I’ll collaborate with you to discover what works best for your family, fostering a sense of connection and confidence in your new role.

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful yet challenging experience with so many benefits. I understand the emotional journey and the confusion caused by conflicting advice. My role is to empower you to trust your instincts. I like to help you gain awareness of your baby’s feeding cues and often draw parallels to natural feeding behaviours of other mammals to help you understand yours and your baby’s natural instincts.

Most importantly, I offer reassurance and celebrate your successes, big or small. I’m a patient listener and here to support you through any difficulties. Sometimes it is just talking it though with someone else that helps you find the answer yourself.

Breast feeding baby
Fiona revisits a baby
Happy couple with twins

A lasting connection

Witnessing families blossom and building lifelong bonds is the heart of my work. There’s nothing more rewarding than returning for visits and seeing happy faces – a testament to the journeys we’ve shared.

Ways I can support you through your birth journey

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