The Early Days of Parenting

Ensuring a smooth and supported transition to parenthood

Breastfeeding support

trusting your instincts

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful yet challenging experience with so many benefits. I understand the emotional journey and the confusion caused by conflicting advice. My role is to empower you to trust your instincts. I like to help you notice your baby’s cues and encourage you to respond to them instinctively.

Most importantly, I offer reassurance and celebrate your successes, big or small. I’m a patient listener, here to support you through any difficulties. Sometimes it is just talking it though with someone else that helps you find the answer yourself.

Breastfeeding support with Fiona Gordon
Aquatic nurture with Fiona Gordon

Aquatic nurture

for newborns

Imagine transforming ‘baby bathing’ into a pleasurable and enriching experience for you and your new baby. My 2-hour Aquatic Nurture 1:1 session together unlocks the science behind this calming and enriching experience for you, your partner, and your precious newborn.

Discover the sensory benefits of water – stimulating development, relaxation, and a special bonding opportunity.

This in-person session goes beyond a class. We’ll delve into the techniques that make Aquatic Nurture so unique, providing ample time for feeding, relaxation, and open discussions about parenting and birth.
This can be a lovely gift to a new family – distance dependant.

Food preparation

two weeks of healthy meals

Nutritious, home cooked, healthy food is vital for recovery from birth but also to sustain milk production, emotional well-being and the stamina that is required for you and your partner in the early days. The first few weeks with your newborn are a whirlwind of joy, exhaustion, and adjustments. Between caring for your baby, finding time to rest and recover,  managing visitors, and (maybe) other children, healthy cooking from scratch often falls by the wayside.

I offer a great solution: Delicious, home-cooked, and nutritious meals prepared in my kitchen and delivered right to your freezer (depending upon your location). You may like to know I am Cordon Bleu trained…and my flapjacks and fruitcake are legendary. Stock up before or after your baby arrives, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing healthy, pre-made meals are just a reheat away.

Healthy food preparation post birth
Three step rewind with Fiona Gordon

Trauma Resolution

3 Step Rewind

Have you suffered trauma or have negative memories relating to a previous birth experience that are causing difficult emotions and anxiety?

Are you wanting to move forward using a process that will help you shift the memory and emotions that it is triggering?

The 3 step rewind trauma resolution technique is a non-intrusive way of reprocessing what occurred using relaxation and visualisation. Reclaim your sense of control of the traumatic memories, rewire the brain’s response and reduce the negative emotional reactions that are related to this memory.

Contact me to arrange your three, 1 hour one-to-one sessions.

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