Doulas & Your Birth Partner

A Doula is not there to replace your partner but supports you both and works with you and your partner to make the perfect team.

The partner and Doula have very different relationships with the birthing mother.  The partner has the intimacy with the mother that no one else can replace. The power of this intimacy should never be underestimated. It has huge benefits in encouraging the release of Oxytocin (‘the love hormone’) in the birthing mother which is essential for the release of Beta Endorphins, the body’s natural pain relief as well as helping labour to progress. Just the partner being there by her side and present for her has huge benefits. This hormone Oxytocin is released when  woman feels safe, calm and loved.

Partners are the best advocate for the birthing mother.  A Doula will always support and guide the partner in communicating with health professionals where necessary and of course will also advocate for them both if this is what feels right for the couple.

Partners can provide an irreplaceable source of emotional, physical and practical support during pregnancy, labour and birth, the postnatal period and onwards…. Their amazing support contributes enormously to a more positive experience for both the mother and the family as a whole.

Doulas are taught to respect this intimacy and give the couple space but also the right support when they need it. Doulas can guide the partner and help them find the best way to support the birthing mother. 

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