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I'm Fiona, a birth and postnatal Doula, Hypnobirthing practitioner and childbirth educator. I am also a cheerleader for empowered motherhood. Raising my three sons has been an incredible journey, but it was my own birth experience that sparked a passion within me and a desire to be the support system that I needed.
My greatest joy comes from empowering expecting mothers and couples with knowledge and confidence. Every parent-to-be deserves to feel heard, respected, and prepared for this incredible journey.

My birth experience

I have had three children all very different journeys but there was one thread joining the experience of all three but the solutions that followed have helped me enormously in understanding part of my role as a Doula.

I lost my mother in my early 20’s. I was very close to her, and when I was pregnant and had my own children I missed her guidance, reassurance and nurturing that I know would have come so naturally to her. The feeling that she was absolutely there for me – in addition to my partner- throughout.  Someone non-judgemental I knew and trusted and had been along this journey herself.

For all three of my births, my birth preparation was not thorough.  Whilst I went to classes it did little to prepare myself and my husband.  Particularly for my first birth I felt very anxious about the labour and birth.  I had a real fear of the unknown and this stayed with me throughout.  Whilst the staff were lovely, I couldn’t manage my surges and the labour and I felt that my control was taken away and I was completely disempowered. Apart from holding my beautiful baby boy it was a difficult experience. 

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Fiona helps new mums

Preparation and Kindness

Informative birth preparation sessions, Hypnobirthing techniques and really solid birth preferences for my ‘dream birth’ as well as if birth took a different path (as it can do), would have made me feel in control, listened to and prepared.  My husband would have understood my wishes and therefore been able to ask the right questions at the right time so that we could have made informed decisions together. He would have had the techniques to be able to support me which would have been beneficial for him too.

My husband was away last minute with the army for my second baby and I had a c section. I was not prepared for this and didn’t have the postnatal support in place. The kindness of my wonderful neighbours and a friend’s mother who dropped everything to come and look after us made all the difference in the world. They became my unofficial Doula’s.  To this day I will always remember the feeling and relief of having them with me.  They were kind and patient, non-judgemental and just seemed to know what was needed.  They both cared for us at different times and in different ways but it made all the difference to my recovery and the enjoyment of those first few weeks that would have been so different without them there to wrap their arms around us all and make us feel safe, loved and supported.

Fiona helps new mums

My Unofficial Doula’s

We were living in Ireland for our third baby.  He suddenly decided to arrive at 28 weeks and so this had a new set of challenges.  Two young children plus a tiny baby in special care who all had different demands, but all needed me.  My husband was unable to take much time off work. I hadn’t even thought of what sort of postnatal support I needed – it was too early for me to have made those plans.  The visits to the hospital and feeding were extremely challenging but once again these ‘unofficial Doula’s’ appeared and supported us in different ways.  My recovery was easier and I felt so supported. 

One amazing lady, who had been a midwife, but I didn’t even know, came most afternoons just to sit for a couple of hours with our baby so that I could sleep.  She did this for me most weekdays just for a couple of hours but  this made all the difference to me and meant that I could have the energy to enjoy our family.  The days went from feeling overwhelmed to days where I was able to take one moment at a time knowing that she was going to be there to hold the space for me for a couple of hours while I had that important recovery rest. This rest meant that I was able to enjoy the two older children when they came home from school as well as have the energy to feed and nurture and take time for my tiny newborn.

I practised what I learned

This incredible support I had from all the ‘unofficial Doulas’ made me realise just how important this support is for women and their families and the effect it can have on you. Birth is lifechanging and without support you can feel overwhelmed and unable to manage with the enormous adjustment a new baby in the family presents, as well as your own recovery from birth. I realised that it is not always the physical support that means so much, but the emotional support is so valuable.

It made me so much more aware of other women in families who didn’t have that support network for many reasons.  I became one of these ‘unofficial Doulas’ for many years and in all the places that we lived whether it was in the UK or abroad I tried to support others as I had been, even if that support was small.

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i trained as a doula

My journey wasn’t always about birth! I worked as a fashion designer in London, and that creative spirit still fuels me today. Upon returning to the UK, I was drawn to the magic of birth and the incredible ability of the mind. Inspired by Kicki Hansard and Mama Serene, I trained as a Doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner. Witnessing women harness their inner strength to achieve a calm and and controlled birth experience, however they birth their baby is truly awe-inspiring.

My passion extends beyond birth, with additional training in breastfeeding support and other courses that empower women and families. Whether it’s face-to-face or virtual sessions, it’s a privilege to support you. Together, we’ll ensure you feel prepared and work as a strong birth team. My aim is to help you understand the factors influencing labour, birth, and those precious early days. This includes empowering both you and your partner to support each other on this incredible journey.

Ways I can support you through your birth journey

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